SWAG & FUNK Tony Bellantoni & The Swag Hooks have recently released their latest album, HARD SOUL. The talented group adds a nice dash of soul and groove to the rock genre. They have played countless festivals, igniting the rhythm within all of their audiences. Bringing back modern funk, the band has been able to redefine the standards for the genre. They are performing at Fontana's in NYC.” - Sarah Ciocher

— The Aquarian Weekly

Tony Bellantoni & the Swag Hooks seem to have hit upon a formula thatIs both welcome, & fresh compared to what is on the scene these days:...Namely cool 'swag' guitar riffs that support dramatic lyrics via gritty vocals.HARD SOUL is an exercise in 'raunchy rock as art' to say the least!  ”

— Indie Blogs R Us

8 out of 10 stars...this heavyweight blues-rock  (mix the Black Crowes, early Zep and the Allmans in a pot and reduce) is far from being a mess!”

— Classic Rock Magazine

Tony Bellantoni, like Jack White of the White Stripes/Raconteurs, excels in his 'guitarist as producer' role. Nice to know someone can still 'do it' like Jimmy Page used to. Looking for goose bumps? Play this loud!”

— Magnet Music Magazine

Vintage vibe, modern themes...'Talk Us Off the Ledge', delivers infectious songs and greasy riffs!" ”

— Trend Music

The Swag Hooks, a most blues worthy band from the New York/Connecticut area mix influences such as The Black Crowes, Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz, Grand Funk and down and dirty Delta blues to come up with a satisfying release that's sure to satisfy not only fans of blues rock but of organic 70's styled hard rock as well. This band certainly knows how to 'groove' convincingly!!" ”

— Rocknrolluniverse.com

Bellantoni's songwriting and production craft are what make this worth the price of admission.”

— L.A. Weekly Arts & Entertainment

Snarl, Meat, Vibe...it's all Tony Bellantoni & The Swag Hooks!!!" ”

— Fender Musical Instruments

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